GIVING to Faith Church

We use EasyTithe for online giving. This provides you the flexibility to give using a Debit or Credit card. You can give quickly or setup an account that will allow you to establish a recurring gift to automate this important act of obedience.


Please make checks payable to Faith Free Will Baptist Church. These checks may be mailed in at the address below:


Faith Free Will Baptist Church
303 North 5th Street
Chandler, IN 47610


Giving cheerfully & sacrificially is part of our worship.
At Faith FWB Church, we believe every good thing is a gift from God James 1:17.


As a recognition of those gifts, we worship God by giving back a portion to be used in the ministry He has called us to.


We also realize that Jesus demonstrated incredible generosity with His very life through His acts of service and sacrifice 2 Corinthians 8:9. We follow that example of generosity by giving of our time and finances to serve others in His name. Faith Church has a track record of giving away 15% of all offerings to outside causes, mission work, and relief efforts which are in addition to the benevolence gifts we share in our own community.


If you are a Christ follower or seeker who does not attend Faith Church that has been blessed by our teaching material online such as podcasts or sermon videos, and you feel called to give above your normal giving at a local church, we are very thankful for your help.

You may also give through Venmo using the
QR code or @FaithFWBChurch, or using Easy Tithe below.